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Научно-практическая конференция «Современные аспекты диагностики и лечения в кардиохирургии»


27 июня 2015 г.


Результаты исследования.

Бренды и марки Jostra, Polystan, Guidant, InterVascular, Datascope и сосудистые протезы марки Boston Scientific полностью интегрированы в MAQUET CARDIOVASCULAR.
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Системы гемофильтрации- гемоконцентраторы


MAQUET's HEMOCONCENTRATORS with high-performance hollow fibre technology and enhanced biocompatibility render reconcentration in a special gentle and efficient way. No-rinse technology allows to use the HEMOCONCENTRATORS right away.

  • No-rinse membrane for immediate use
  • Low priming
  • Dependable filtration
  • Superior performance
  • Outstanding biocompatibility
  • Optional refinement with SAFELINE® COATING
  • Cost-effective

With MAQUET's HEMOCONCENTRATORS, fluid management becomes simple, efficient and cost-effective.

All HEMOCONCENTRATORS are ready-to-use: they feature a stable, highly efficient polyarylsulfone membrane which requires no pore-filling agents and no pre-rinsing. This membrane is a biocompatible membrane that does not contain stabilizing glycerol. It is characterised by minimum adsorption for proteins and high filter performance levels independent of time factor, with an overall low complement activation level. Thus an enabling is given for integration in the extracorporal circuit after priming at any time during perfusion.

Three different sizes are available to optimally meet the clinical requirements:

BC 20 plus - the smallest HEMOCONCENTRATOR - is suitable due to its small priming volume for paediatric use and for cases when a very slow and continuous hemoconcentration is desired.

BC 60 plus for children and adults with a weight more than 20 kg and less than 75 kg.

BC 140 plus can be used for adults more than 75 kg and high performance applications, e.g. at the end of the cardiopulmonary bypass when a rapid concentration is needed.

For further flexibility and convenience, the client may select each HEMOCONCENTRATOR either as a single sterile product, as a pre-assembled hemoconcentration set with tubing and accessories, or as part of a custom-made perfusion set.

Enhancing blood compatibility

The polyarsulfone membrane with its consistent pore structure ensures constant, reliable performance requiring no stabilizers. The smooth interior fibre surface combined with optimised inlet shape further contributes to the outstanding biocompatibility of our HEMOCONCENTRATORS.


On request, our HEMOCONCENTRATORS are available with a specially treated inner fibre surface which further enhances biocompatibility, ensuring less traumatization of blood cells.

For further flexibility and convenience, each HEMOCONCENTRATOR can be selected either as a single sterile product, as a pre-assembled hemoconcentration set with tubing and accessories, or as part of a custom-made perfusion set.

Dimensions, operating parameters

BC 20 plus  
BC 60 plus   
BC 140 plus
Membrane surface area [m2] 0.2 0.7 1.35
Internal diameter of the hollow fibres [µm]    
215 215 215
Wall thickness of the hollow fibres [µm] 50 50 50
Length of concentrator [mm] 178 97 240
Priming volume [ml] 17 ± 10% 65 ± 10% 98 ± 10%
Maximum TMP [mmHg] 600 600 600
Flow resistance, blood side1[mmHg] 23 60
Min. <->Max. blood flow [ml/min] 25-100 100-400 100-500
Min. <->Max. flow resistance [mmHg] 10-40 30-100

1In vitro measured values with bovine blood, haematocrit, 25%, protein concentration 50g/l, temperature 37°C, TMP = 100 mmHg, blood flow (QB) = 300 ml/min


Membrane Polyarylethersulphone (PAES)
Housing Polycarbonate (PC)
Caps, stoppers    
Polyethylene (LPDE)


Blood side Dia connectors, Luer-Lock
Filtrate side                     
Dia connectors (BC 60 plus, BC 140 plus), Luer-Lock (all)


Hemoconcentrator Set with BC 20 plus
Hemoconcentrator Set with BC 60 plus
Hemoconcentrator Set with BC 140 plus


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